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Gas filling

«Beybars Gas» Group of CompaniesIs a vertically integrated holding for logistics, storage,
transportation and sale of liquefied gas.


About us

GC «Beybars Gas is the largest operator in Kazakhstan in the market of liquefied gas.

All processes in the logistics of liquefied gas, from producers to end consumers, are carried out independently, using our own assets:

  • Gas storage stations (STS);
  • Special auto-railway parks: gas trucks, gas-railway tank cars;
  • The extensive network of gas stations;
  • Service centers for the installation and maintenance of Gas-cylinder equipment.

We are open to partnership with legal entities: commercial and government entities with their own vehicle fleet, and are ready to discuss possible cooperation on individual terms.

We are ready to consider joint investment projects for the expansion and development of the gas station network in new regions, on the terms of a joint venture or the opening of a franchise under the name «Beybars-Gas»